East Coast Adventure in Australia for Solo Travellers

Most people have a dream of a campervan adventure and the freedom to travel through Australia. That was my first idea and dream as well. I had 2 months in this amazing country – after my research I realized how long the distances in Australia were between each destination. As a solo traveller I was looking for someone to share a campervan and I had limited time. I wanted to start my journey and not sit on my computer searching for someone with the same travel dreams and time to explore Australia.

Greyhound Australia cover all the highlights on the east coast


After lots of research on Google (Yay for Google) I decided to travel by bus and Greyhound Australia was the perfect choice for me. Greyhound offers a big network of coaches that departures everyday. All the destinations worth seeing are covered by the coaches and you can just hop on and off as much as you want. You can buy the pass that fits your adventure – check out all the passes here and get inspired!

Alternatively, you can buy Greyhound tickets and passes on some third-party agents, usually they provide more competitive prices than official company. For example, one of my friends bought a 15 days’ Whimit – a kind of pass which allows you to take any routes within a valid period – on a third-party website, the retail price on Greyhound official website is $329 plus processing fees (AUD) but she paid $305 on that website in total – click to check and save now.

Greyhound Australia Map

So why did I choose Greyhound coaches?

  • I had limited time in Australia and I wanted to see as much as possible. The distances between the places you want to see is long – I’m a traveller that prefers to spend more days in each place instead of few hours/day many places. So for my limited time in Australia, it was perfect to relax on a Greyhound coach and get to my next destination. Especially while enjoying free WiFi, in seat USB chargers, leather reclining seats and panoramic windows along the way!
  • If I was driving the long distances my self, I would have been spending more time, because I will have been driving during the day. I would be tired and need more rest at my new destination.
  • Greyhound coaches depart at night and day. You can choose if you want to spend a night (12 hours) on a bus (which I prefer in Australia, because there is not much to see during the day on the way to your new destination) or traveling on the coach during the day.
  • YOU MEET other travellers on the bus and have people to spend your time on the new destination

Clean, but not the fastest way of traveling

Greyhound coaches are very clean, comfortable and have free WIFI (which is very hard to find around Australia). It’s very easy to booke and change your booking on their website.

GREYHOUND COACHES IS NOT THE FASTEST WAY to get around Australia. If you have to travel a distance that is 7 hours by car, the coaches will take around 12 hours. But you do have a lot of stops and some of then are around 45 minutes – so you have the time to stench your legs, get some food and drinks.


My Suggestion How To Spend 4 Weeks Through The East Coast Of Australia With Greyhound!

This itinerary is for you who travel slow and still want to see THE BEST of Australia. There are so many other places you can stop on the way through the east coast. But I have chosen the BEST stops that you don’t want to miss out.


Day 1: Spend a day at the lagoon, chilling and felling the vibe of the city. You can go bungy jumping, river rafting or even skydiving?

Day 2 – 5: Go diving or snorkelling – I definitely recommend going on a live-aboard for 3 days.

Day 6 – 7: Explore the Cape Tribulation. You can do it as a one day trip or two days, one night! Absolutely amazing!

Cairns – Airlie beach, 11 hours


Day 8 – 9: Go on a 2 days one night sailing adventure to White haven beach!

Day 10: Sleep out and check out Airlie beach. (You will be a little hangover after the party with everybody from the boat)

Airlie beach – Rainbow beach,  13 hours


Day: 11 Arrive to Rainbow beach!

Day 12 – 14: Go on the 3 days 2 night Fraser Island adventure!

Rainbow beach – Noosa,  4 hours


Day 15 – 16: Chill out at Noosa Beach, go for one of the many coastal walks – they are amazing!

Noosa – Brisbane,  3 hours


Day 17 – 18: Enjoy the big city life. Visit the koala sanctuary, do some shopping and explore the nice nightlife.

Brisbane – Byron Bay,  4 hours


Day 19 – 23: Everybody talks about Byron Bay and yes it is magical. Chill out at the amazing Byron bay – go for the amazing walks, hang out at the cafes and Learn to surf. Relax and go through all the adventures you have been on!

Byron Bay – Sydney,  12 hours


Day 24 – 27: You could spend a whole month exploring Sydney. Visit the harbour, chill at Bondi Beach, get an ice cream at Manly beach, go hiking at the Blue Mountains, go Wine tasting in Hunter Valley, go crazy shopping and get some good food at the night!


Day 28 – 29: Spend some days eating your way through Melbourne. This city is full with the best food and coffee in Australia. Take a walk in the botanical garden, find the street art and explore the national museum!

Sydney – Melbourne,  17 hours


Day 30 – 31: Spend at least 2 days on the Great Ocean Road. There are so many awesome walks and small cool villages. You can rent a car or you can go by an organized tour.

I Definitely Recommend Greyhound Coaches For Your Travel Through Australia. The Service Is Very Good, The Staff Are Friendly And It’s Working! If You Have Any Questions You Are Welcome To Send Me An E-Mail And I Would Love To Help You. 

Xoxo Irina Chernetskaya 

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