Is Little Tokyo Los Angeles Safe at Night for Two Girls?

Hi, there,

Will be Los Angeles next week, as a Japanese fan the Little Tokyo definitely is one of the must-go-places for me in L.A., my hotel is on East 1st Street which is very near the Japanese Village Plaza, so my plan is not only to eat delicious food and do shopping and visit museum and  pray at a temple during daytime, but also to roam at night, maybe a KTV as well, so I’m wondering is it safe at night in Little Tokyo? I heard that place to the south of Little Tokyo is not safe at night (sometimes even at daytime) because there are many homeless people (with all due respect, not of discrimination or racisim, just for safety reasons).

Oh, I forget to tell you guys that there are two girls of us, my boyfriend was about to go with me but as you know, most of men are not UNRELIABLE.

Picutrus are found on the Internet, I love Japanese culture so much.

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  1. Little Tokyo is always safe at night, but I have to save there isn’t much to see at night because except a few restaurants, all the shops shut down pretty early, maybe Japanese like a life style of “early to bed and early to rise”? And, just like what you mentioned, don’t go outside Little Toyko at night, expecially don’t go south, there may be safe, but you won’t feel that way.

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