Creativity is not a luxury: help fund scholarships for How to Make It Winter 2017

I’m opening eight free spots in How To Make It Winter 2017, my online 8-week creativity workshop, to transgender, POC, Muslim, immigrant, and disabled writers and artists. It’s a tight-knit community devoted to keeping creative practice alive in hard times. This session will run January 8 – March 5, 2017.

Can you help? As a working trans artist myself, I’m asking for help from those with resources, to help me nurture and sustain vital creativity and imagination from the margins at this dark time. Even if you’re not an artist or writer yourself, we all will benefit from insisting that creativity is not a luxury, especially now. My goal is to raise $2560 which will cover the costs entirely for all eight participants. I will update here daily with fundraising progress. Click on the button below to name your own amount and contribute securely to our fund. Thank you, thank you.

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We’ve raised: $375! (Updated Nov 30, 11:00AM EST)

“I can’t afford any expensive institutional education at the moment but the opportunity to be in a workshop with other people similar to me sounds like an unbelievable and, to me, unprecedented opportunity.”

“This workshop will be crucial to helping me build the skills I need for creative & artistic healing…”

Are you a trans/POC/Muslim/immigrant/disabled artist/writer interested in the workshop and in need of financial assistance? Please let me know through this quick form and I will be in touch by email when I have a spot available for you, in the order that responses are received. In the meantime- hang in there and know that you are not alone.

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Don’t you already offer pay-what-you-can and pay-as-you-go options for participants? I do, on an individual basis; it’s really difficult for me to absorb the cost. This scholarship fund is my way of making even more explicit this investment in the imaginations of folks on the margins right now, and is an open invitation for others to join me in making this possible.