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Picturing Justice: a worksheet

Taking inspiration from Andrea Pippins’ free doodle/coloring sheet “to help kids process what’s happening around us,” conversations I’ve been having on Twitter and in person, and what seems like my whole life’s work, I drew up a free worksheet designed to help all of us decolonize our imaginations and be able to picture justice and liberation.

Free to download, print, share. Work through it as a group or alone. Upload and tag it #picturingjustice, or make a copy and hang it up where you live. Let’s build our collective imagination of the world we really want, so we can usher it in.



Download as a PDF: picturing-justice.pdf



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Teaching Art to All Ages

Notes from a community educator

Do you remember how free you felt drawing as a child? Having worked with both youth (ages 6-12) and seniors alike in just the last two months, I have been thinking about the differences and similarities in working with different age groups. These are some of my observations.

There are always more voices in the art workshop room than there are students. It’s the voices of everyone who has told us over the years that we can’t, shouldn’t, are no good. We each have these that we have accumulated and internalized over the years. Children have fewer of these voices, although the voices of their parents, older siblings, teachers, and friends are often present. The first thing is to identify these voices as coming from somewhere other than our own mind.

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