Neekta Khorsand, 826DC

We had the absolute pleasure of hosting Oliver as a volunteer Workshop Leader at our organization and I was deeply impressed not only with his overall creativity and lesson planning skills but his student and volunteer engagement blew me out of the water with its kindness and consideration. His very presence creates a warm and inviting space. Add that to his great skill at scaffolding writing activities so that students of all ages, abilities, and levels can find a comfortable creative space in his workshop and you’ve got a great facilitator. He responds immediately and adeptly to student needs as they arise, approaching classroom management with the flexibility and tact necessary to succeed. He communicates in a timely manner and is willing to go the extra mile every step of the way. Every student who participated in Oliver’s workshop produced fantastic creative writing and every volunteer who supported let me know what a great example of literary leadership Oliver provided. If I could have Oliver back every single semester, I would do it in a heartbeat.