Design + Illustration

“Beer Glassware: A Study in Form & Content”- watercolor infoviz for Jonathan Senchyne’s Information Architecture at University of Wisconsin-Madison iSchool

I provide a range of visual services, drawing on hand-drawn, hand-written, and material elements that- more so than any other kind of aesthetic- let people know that there’s a human on the other side. My visual services are informed by my research interest in visual thinking, my love of drawing, and my graduate training in book arts, poetry, and information studies. I have created visual work for libraries, non-profits, literary centers, publications, and higher ed, and am always open to your inquiries.

Currently interested in working on…

  • Cover art for books, magazines, chapbooks
  • Bookmarks, postcards, and other print swag
  • Event posters, fliers, and flyering
  • Instructional comics
  • Watercolor infographics
  • Illustrated book reviews
  • Op-Art
  • Artist-in-residence at your conference, symposium, hackathon
  • Commissions (illustration)

Let’s talk

I also facilitate visual thinking and cartooning workshops for all levels/age groups. Currently scheduling travel for Spring 2017 and would love to hear from you.

Visual work for…